MATTE 10 ml Top Coat Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Clear Matte Finish

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  • MATTE 10 ml Top Coat Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Clear Matte Finish
  • MATTE 10 ml Top Coat Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Clear Matte Finish
  • MATTE 10 ml Top Coat Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Clear Matte Finish
  • MATTE 10 ml Top Coat Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Clear Matte Finish



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MATTE 10 ml Top Coat Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Clear Matte Finish

What is MATTE nail polish?
Matte gives the appearance of a flat color, without any shine.


How do I use MATTE Top coat nail polish?
1. Prep nails by making sure they are completely spotless of any former polish, oils, or residue. Lightly buff, then apply Nail Dehydrator such as Bond-Aid.
2. Apply a Base coat to clean nail. Cure with an LED/UV lamp. (Tip: 2 minutes is usually recommended. Also the higher watt the lamp, the better the gel will cure and harden)

You will notice a sticky residue after you take nails out from LED/UV lamp. Do not touch or try to wipe off the residue. It will cause imprints in the nail, and will not guarantee a long lasting gel polish. Keep from touching or wiping off the tacky residue until the very LAST process.

3. Apply 2 coats of desired color nail polish, and then cure with an LED/UV lamp. (Again, 2 minutes each time is recommended)
4. Apply the MATTE TOP COAT to cured colored nail polish. For best results, apply 2 coats, curing after each application with an LED/UV lamp (2 minutes each application).

To reach desired matte affect, DO NOT apply a regular top coat in this process. You will come out with a slight shine to the nail, and not the flat color.

5. After nails are cured and you are finished with the desired look and affect, use a cotton ball and alcohol to remove the sticky residue. Wipe each nail about 10 seconds, until all stickiness is gone. Wait about 30 seconds until the nail is fully dry from the alcohol and you will see the finished desired effect of the MATTE polish. ENJOY!


Chip Free 3 Week Wear Time 9 Watt 36 Watt Lamp 3 Step Gel Ultra Gloss Matte Finish Top Base Coat Layers Acetone Soak Off!

Mandatory Steps:
1 - Nails must be SPOTLESS clean of any former polish, oils, or residues. 
2 - Gel polish products must NEVER touch skin.  Cuticles must be pushed back and dry. 
3 - {SHAKE THE BOTTLE} well before applying anything
4 - CURE LONGER than anyone recommends.  30+ seconds on Base Coat and 2+ minutes on all other coats
5 - Gels are thicker, apply thin light strokes.  2 color coats and 2 top coats are the norm.  Our Glitters are very heavy, so do not try to do them all in one pass. 
6 - Don't forget the Alcohol Wash step!  This final step is to lightly moisten a cotton pad with 99% pure alcohol to wash off the tacky layer. 

1 -
Soak nails by wrapping in cotton soaked pad with warm pure acetone and then wrap with small strips of aluminum foil to prevent evaporation of the acetone. Soak approx. 10 minutes
2 - Product will start to become soft and you can gently slide it off the nails in one piece, then finish with swabs & pads.

This is not your standard lacquer type Nail Polish!  You cannot just buy the color and put it on your nail!  These products DO require Top Coat, Base Coat, good UV or LED lamp, 99% pure alcohol, careful nail preparations, and exact application methods to achieve this 2-3 week wear time.

It is quite difficult to project exact color shades with all their nuances from our lighting environment to the computer screen to your lighting environment.  We CANNOT guarantee exact color shade matching to what is shown on your screen, or shown in our catalog. These products look VERY different WET than they do cured. Do not email us saying you got the wrong color until you have shaken it up well and cured it.

Supply list before you begin:
UV or LED Lamp in good condition 9 Watt-36 Watt Lamp (HIGHER WATT EQUALS LESS CURE TIME)
Base Coat
Top Coat
Dish soap and water (WARM)
Nail Dehydrator such as Bond-Aid
99% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol
Cotton Balls or pad squares
Swabs (better than Qtips)
Pure salon grade Acetone
Soak off cloths or cotton pads (for removal)
Light weight aluminum foil (for removal)


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Additional Information

Bluesky UV Gel Polish
1st Step Top Coat
Matte Top Coat 10 ml
3 Step LED Soak Off Nail Gel
Size Type:
15 ML Bottle
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