80618 Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Magenta Mischief 618

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  • 80618 Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Magenta Mischief 618
  • 80618 Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Magenta Mischief 618
  • 80618 Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Magenta Mischief 618
  • 80618 Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Magenta Mischief 618
  • 80618 Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Magenta Mischief 618
  • 80618 Bluesky Salon Nail Polish UV GEL Glaze Magenta Mischief 618



Chip Free 3 Week Wear Time 9 Watt 36 Watt Lamp 3 Step Gel Ultra Gloss Finish Top Base Coat Layers Acetone Soak Off!

Bluesky Gel Polish is a wonderful new UV LED technology which has been on the market for over 6 years.  Bluesky is the world leader in Soak Off UV & LED Gels and has 10 times more colors than any closest competitor.  Bluesky has created an affordable alternative to the expensive salon brands and provides that amazing chip-free extended wear with near ZERO dry time.  This outstanding product applies easily as any polish and wears until nail growth prompts you to do it all over again.  After 2-3 weeks of flawless wear you may remove it in 10 minutes with a simple acetone "soak off". 

Shown WET & DRY for Reference purposes only!  Color Matching is NOT GUARANTEED!  For example - Please don't put a wedding dress up to your computer screen and expect it to match in real life :-)  You cannot return colors if it wasn't the exact shade you were looking for...

Bluesky Gel Polishes, Top Coats, and Base Coats are fully compatible with all other Major Brands of UV LED Gel!
Do you already have a large investment in expensive Salon Brand or a different UV system?  You may use Bluesky Colors with any other top and base coats in any combination you need.  Think of Bluesky as a simple extension of any high quality 3 Part UV / LED cured polish system!

WARNING:  This is not your standard lacquer type Nail Polish!  You cannot just buy the color and put it on your nail!  These products DO require Top Coat, Base Coat, good UV or LED lamp, 99% pure alcohol, careful nail preparations, and exact application methods to achieve this 2-3 week wear time.  You MUST know what you are doing and be willing to learn additional techniques or add further steps for a great result :-)

COLOR SHADES:  It is quite difficult to project exact color shades with all their nuances from our lighting environment to the computer screen to your lighting environment.  We CANNOT guarantee exact color shade matching to what is shown on your screen, or shown in our catalog, but it will be very close.   Also these products look VERY different wet than they do cured.  Do not email us you got the wrong color until you have shaken it up really well and cured it on something :-)

Supply list before you begin:
UV or LED Lamp in good condition
Base Coat
Top Coat
Dish soap and water
Nail Dehydrator such as Bond-Aid
99% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol
Cotton Balls or pad squares
Swabs (better than Qtips)
Pure salon grade Acetone (Never from hardware store)
Soak off cloths or cotton pads (for removal)
Orange wood sticks (for removal)
Light weight aluminum foil (for removal)
Clean DRY well ventilated "fire hazard free" environment to work in.  alcohol and Acetone are HIGHLY FLAMMABLE so don't do anything next to your electric heater or kitchen stove, or turn on your blow dryer.  Avoid humid environments and tightly enclosed areas.

Mandatory Steps:
1 -
Nails must be SPOTLESS clean of any former polish, oils, or residues.  In our Salon we take great care to make sure we have 100% pure nail, then wash with soap and water, then buff lightly, then apply Nail Dehydrator such as Bond-Aid.
2 - Gel polish products must NEVER touch skin.  Cuticles must be pushed back and dry.  If gel touches skin, chemical, or moisture it will inhibit the chemical bond and flake off in that spot.  Keep each polish layer about 1 nail thickness away from any cuticle or sides of nail.
3 - {SHAKE THAT BOTTLE} really good before applying anything, 1 minute minimum for Glitters & Pearls
4 - CURE LONGER than anyone recommends.  We do 30+ seconds on Base Coat and 2+ minutes on all other coats.  UV Lamps get weaker over time, extending the cure time fixes that.
5 - Gels are thicker, so use caution and apply thin light strokes.  2 color coats and 2 top coats are the norm.  Our Glitters are very heavy, so do not try to do them all in one pass.  Many trips back to the bottle for a perfectly built finish. 
6 - Don't forget the Alcohol Wash step!  This final step is to lightly moisten a cotton pad with 99% pure alcohol and wash off the tacky film layer. 

Tips for best results!
#1 cause of failure
is inadequately cleaned or improperly prepared nail.  Oily skin, unwashed hands, old polish residues, or polishing on the nail beds always causes FAILURE of this product. Peeling or early wear will occur, flaking off, or even color fade within 24 hours if you get it on skin.  Make sure the hands and nails are spotless clean, prepared, and dehydrated. (think doctors, surgery!)  Wash, dry, apply "Bond-Aid by OPI" or some type of nail dehydrator immediately prior to polishing for the longest wear times.  Lightly buff those nails with a fine abrasive buffer block to give the polish a really good base to adhere to.  You want this product to become "one with the nail" rather than sitting on top of it.
2 - If you've never worked with UV or LED polishes before, there is a definite learning curve.  We recommend practicing on a plastic nail wheel the first few times until you feel comfortable. 
3 - UV or LED Lamps must be in great condition with all the bulbs working.  Bulbs need cleaned once in a while by removing them one at a time and wiping them down with a paper towel soaked in window cleaner like windex.  UNPLUG the lamp before doing any trouble shooting!  If you aren't getting the proper amount of UV WATTS you will definitely have problems with your polish curing. But don't be afraid to give it an extra 60-120 seconds until you get the feel for cure time.
4 - ALL UV Gel Polishes have a thicker viscosity than traditional polishes.  Keep this in mind and don't try to make one beautiful thick pass, especially with Glitters!  Please don't GIVE UP because of your experience with standard nail polish, this is a multi-step integrated system, so hang in there, PRACTICE makes perfect :-)
5 - Be realistic about what your hands are exposed to each day.  If you are a cook or a house keeper or an olympic swimmer shorter polish life is always expected :-)

1 -
Soak nails by wrapping in cotton soaked pad with pure salon grade acetone and then wrap with small strips of aluminum foil to prevent evaporation of the acetone. Soak approx. 10 minutes
2 - Product will start to become soft and you can gently slide it off the nails in one piece using an orangewood stick, then finish with swabs & pads.

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Additional Information

Bluesky UV Gel Polish
Country/Region of Manufacture:
Manufacturer Color Name:
Bluesky Gel Corporation
805 Series 618
Gel Color
3 Step LED Soak Off Nail Gel
Size Type:
10 ML Bottle
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