5 .25 1/4" Cream Edge Pin Striping Craft Painters Masking Tape 180' 60 yd Roll

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  • 5 .25 1/4" Cream Edge Pin Striping Craft Painters Masking Tape 180' 60 yd Roll
  • 5 .25 1/4" Cream Edge Pin Striping Craft Painters Masking Tape 180' 60 yd Roll
  • 5 .25 1/4" Cream Edge Pin Striping Craft Painters Masking Tape 180' 60 yd Roll
  • 5 .25 1/4" Cream Edge Pin Striping Craft Painters Masking Tape 180' 60 yd Roll



6mm Impregnated Crepe Tan Ivory Natural Smooth General Purpose Paper Backing Home School Office Hobby Hobbies Arts Sealing Labeling DIY Art Scrapbooking Mask Paint Painting Decorative Holding Bundling Binding Clean Removal Temporary Rough Surface Medium High Adhesion Conforms Highly Conformable Synthetic Adhesive Irregular Surfaces Adheres Many Substrates Easy Unwind

Made In USA High Visablity Peformance Marking Labeling Warning. Fine DIY Scrapbook Scrapbooking Crafts Design Automotive Outline Pinstripping Pinstripe Writable Tape.

.25 or 1/4" x 60 or more yards (60 Meters, 180-200 feet) Professional General Use Cream Masking Trim Tape. Retail $3.95 per roll.

  • General use for light and medium-duty applications
  • Rubber-based adhesive sticks to a variety of surfaces
  • Perfect size for delicate and precision marking, labeling, and outlining
  • Temperature use range up to 200°F (93°C) for 30 minutes.
  • Good paint lines.
  • Medium conformability

Masking Tape:
The tape for everyday jobs, General Use Masking Tape sticks to many surfaces and removes cleanly with no residue. It is great for general indoor use and for light-to-medium duty bundling jobs such as wrapping electrical cords, air hoses and PVC pipes. The perfect size for presicion painting jobs like pinstripes or delicate designs and outlines. Plus the crape paper backing is easy to write on and works great for marking and labeling jobs.

Sizes other than 1" can be difficult to find at the local hardware store. We have a variety of sizes available including .375 or 3/8", .5", .75", 1", 1.5", 2' and 3" so you can choose the perfect size tape for whatever the job you are doing needs! We have unlimited quantities so contact us for wholesale oppourtunities and lots larger than 12 pieces.

Please NOTE:  Surfaces must be clean, dust free, and dry before application.  While the surface of the tape is moisture resistant the adhesive is definitely not.  The adhesive is pressure sensitive and heat activated.  Make sure you really press it firmly into place when applying and get it as warm as possible in the room to secure the adhesive.  The dryer and warmer the installations are, the better the adhesive will attach.  REMOVE ASAP!  The adhesive in masking tape is known as semi-permanent removable.  If you leave it on for over a month then you will have great difficulty removing it, it will tear and leave residue behind!  You should always de-mask your projects within 24-48 hours after final application.

Black Core Masking tape is made in the USA by the worlds largest tape manufacturers.  These are factory Over Runs & Mill Ends.  Mill ends are the first and last cuts off the log.  High speed tape milling machines frequently create "over run" oversized rolls which are not suitable for retail.  We have worked out a special deal to buy all mill ends, over-runs, over / under sized, and any roll with cosmetic blemish.  Save huge money buying BULK TAPE!

Other uses:  Crafts & Hobbies, Toy making, Scrapbooking, Home Inspections, Bundling light items, Yard Sales for pricing, Mark stains on clothing for dry cleaners, the possibilities are endless when you need to temporarily write something and apply it to an object for easy removal later! 


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